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Teeth Whitening Specialist

George Family Dental Care

Ronald A. George, DMD, PA

Family Dentist located in Plantation, FL

Teeth can grow darker or discolored for a variety of reasons, but most of these issues can be addressed with the help of professional teeth whitening. Dr. Ronald A. George at George Family Dental Care in Plantation, Florida, offers a two step teeth whitening process that allows patients to gradually achieve whiter teeth in the comfort of their own home. Contact George Family Dental Care to start on your path to a whiter smile today.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

Who should consider teeth whitening?

If you're not happy with the whiteness level of your teeth, you may be a great candidate for teeth whitening at George Family Dental Care. The reason that teeth grow darker or discolored can vary, including:

  • Age: Teeth naturally lose enamel and grow darker with age
  • Cigarette smoking: Cigarettes contain nicotine that can cause teeth to turn yellowish
  • Beverage consumption: Certain beverages, most notably coffee, tea, cola, and red wine, can all darken or discolor teeth

In most cases of teeth staining and darkening, it's possible to dramatically lighten the teeth. With a simple consultation, Dr. George can determine whether you're a good candidate for this type of teeth enhancement.

What is the whitening process?

George Family Dental Care uses a two step teeth whitening process. In step one, Dr. George will take an impression of your teeth. This impression is then used to create custom trays to fit your mouth. These trays fit onto the teeth much like a retainer, but they have a reservoir to hold whitening gel.

Dr. George will then give you the dental trays and the whitening gel to take home with you. Every day, you'll wear the trays filled with whitening gel for the amount of time prescribed. You will be directed to do this for several days, with the number of days depending on how much whitening is needed. Teeth can be much whiter in only a few days in many cases.

What degree of whitening can be expected?

Whitening will vary from person to person, but most people can expect to see four to eight shades of difference in the whiteness of their teeth. This is enough to fully return teeth to their natural shade — or even whiten teeth beyond their natural shade — for most patients.

Does the treatment need to be repeated?

Once the treatment is over, most patients can expect long lasting teeth whitening. However, it's natural for teeth to darken slightly over time, even with good oral hygiene. If you start to notice a slight darkening of the teeth, simply talk to Dr. George about a touch-up treatment. This will allow you to maintain your stunning white smile.


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