Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Specialist
Emergency dentistry can refer to a number of different issues, and Dr. Ronald A. George at George Family Dental Care is ready to help Plantation, Florida patients with all of them. During regular office hours, you can call ahead to let Dr. George know that you're on the way with an urgent dental care issue. The George Family Dental Care staff is happy to rearrange the schedule to fit you in during an emergency.

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

What type of situation constitutes a dental emergency?

There are a number of situations that can constitute a dental emergency. These include:

  • Dislodged tooth
  • Major tooth pain that doesn't abate with over the counter pain relievers
  • Significant amount of blood coming from the mouth: Especially if continual
  • A cracked tooth
  • A broken tooth
  • Broken or dislodged braces bracket: Especially if it causes serious pain

Many other situations could also be dental emergencies. If you have any questions about whether a dental problem is urgent, please contact George Family Dental Care right away to get their advice.

How long does it take to get help at George Family Dental Care?

At George Family Dental Care, we prioritize dental emergencies as necessary. If you come in with a dental emergency of any kind, our supportive and kind staff is ready to help right away. In most cases, we can arrange for you to see Dr. George without delay.

To make the emergency treatment process as smooth and easy as possible, we recommend that you call the George Family Dental Care when you're on the way with a dental emergency. This allows us to arrange the schedule to fit you in, and it allows Dr. George and the staff the chance to prepare for prompt treatment as soon as you arrive.

What if a tooth is lost?

If a tooth is entirely dislodged from the mouth, there's a chance that it can be saved if you get to the George Family Dental Care office right away. Retrieve the tooth, picking it up only by the crown and leaving the roots undisturbed. If possible, place the tooth back in the socket to preserve it while you're on the way to George Family Dental Care. If placing the tooth isn’t possible, put the tooth into a small container of with cow’s milk to preserve it until you arrive. If you can get to George Family Dental Care in less than an hour, Dr. George may be able to re-implant the tooth successfully.

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