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Pediatric Dentistry Specialist

George Family Dental Care

Ronald A. George, DMD, PA

Family Dentist located in Plantation, FL

Pediatric dentistry requires a gentle, compassionate, and highly skilled dental care provider. Dr. Ronald A. George, at George Family Dental Care in Plantation, Florida, helps children in the Plantation area with all of their dental care needs. From regular check-ups to specialized procedures or orthodontics, Dr. George has the experience and skill needed to help kids with their first visit, their first lost tooth, and a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Pediatric Dentistry Q&A

When should a child's first dental visit be scheduled?

George Family Dental Care recommends that parents should schedule a "get to know you" visit with Dr. George after their child turns one. This initial visit helps set the tone for all following visits, and it allows Dr. George to establish a rapport with his youngest patients. Dr. George has 20 years of experience in all aspects of pediatric dentistry, and he loves starting children off on the path to good dental health.

Tooth decay is an extremely common issue for children today, but it can be avoided if kids see Dr. George on a regular basis. Dr. George will closely monitor all aspects of your child's dental health. He can identify emerging issues and treat them early. With these first visits your child can establish good oral health habits before their permanent teeth come in, so they know how to make their teeth last a lifetime.

What services does Dr. George offer his pediatric patients?

Dr. George offers a wide range of pediatric dentistry treatments to his patients. These treatments include, but are not limited to:

  • Fluoride treatments: To protect teeth and guard against cavities
  • Teeth cleaning: To remove tartar and plaque
  • Sealant application: To protect teeth from bacteria
  • Diet counseling for parents: To help prevent tooth decay
  • Orthodontics: Metal braces and ceramic braces
  • Sedation as needed
  • Treatments for damaged and decaying teeth: Including fillings and crowns

Dr. George is both a dentist and a certified orthodontist. This allows him to offer comprehensive dental care for your child, all in one place.

How can parents keep their child interested in oral health at home?

With very young children, keeping interest level up is key.

Parents can make brushing time into a type of game by allowing their child to set a timer — two minutes, twice each day — while brushing their teeth.

It may also increase your child's interest in their oral health if they're allowed to choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste. There are a number of toothpaste flavors, including berry and bubble gum, that may just spark your child's interest.

You should always monitor your child’s oral health care routine, with the goal of having them brush their teeth independently by age six.


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